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  • Welcome to Mountainside Roleplay

    About Us:

    We are a serious FiveM Roleplaying Community inspired by the State of Colorado. This community was started in January of 2019 from the ground up by our Directors Epic Gaming and CST Gaming, they both had one goal in mind, simplicity. That is just what we achieved, offering 3 departments, Law Enforcement, Civilian, and Dispatch.

    We make everyone feel right at home the moment you walk in the door, from allowing LEOs to pick their own unit number, to our very respectful and hard working staff answering any questions you may have.


    Our Departments:

    Law Enforcement:

    When patrolling as Law Enforcement you are able to patrol any department you would like, and use any vehicle you would like, whenever you like, as structures are non-existent. This is to ensure each patrol has a equal amount of officers for all the LEO departments. The Los Santos Police Department is keeping your city safe while the Blaine County Sheriffs Office is up in the county, and the San Andreas Highway Patrol throughout the state, everyone must work together.


    Civilians are an essential part of the community and the roleplay experience, and shouldn’t have restrictions on their creative abilities. In the Civilian Department at MSRP we have a very relaxed structure on vehicles and weapons, also allowing civs to create any type of scenario they would like to. Civilians are encouraged and pushed to create unique scenarios and go outside the box with their creativity, only way to accomplish that is to have little to no restrictions on them. Civilians will work together to create in-depth and realistic scenarios for all members to enjoy out on patrol.


    Dispatchers hold the patrols together, keeping the peace and organization when out on the streets. Assigning calls, answering 911, and much more. Dispatchers have a unique training process to ensure they are ready to tackle the state of San Andreas from in-depth scenarios, to actual work out in the field, dispatchers will take on it all to keep us safe.


    Come be apart of this amazing journey with us, where your possibilities are endless.

    For more information on what we can offer, visit our departments page and explore your possibilities.



    How To Apply

    • Before you can join us, be sure you meet all of the Community Requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, do not apply, your application will be automatically denied.

    • Ensure you have an account on the site as this is required in order to apply.

    • If you meet the community requirements, submit a Community Recruitment Application under Open Applications.

    • Give your best effort and detail into your application, every question is looked at by our recruitment team. Lack of effort or no detail will result in denial.

    • After your application is submitted, check back on the site often to view your application status. Your application as well as your reply will be found on the Community Recruitment Applications Forum. Again, please check this often as action is required if your approved, failure to respond to your application will result in denial.



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