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  • About Us

    • Dispatching plays a big role in today's First Responders life in the state of San Andreas. Not only are we in-charge of making sure every call is recorded, filed, and run smooth as possible but we ensure that the First Responders out there get all the information they need. Making sure that you keep everyone on duty active and organized can be a very stressful job let alone using our CAD/MDT. The CAD/MDT gives us a much larger opportunity to keep it smooth when we relay information to our First Responders and when we receive information from them. 


    • Dispatch also is a much larger part to a community of people as well. We answer 911 calls, Distress calls, and any type of call that needs the help of a San Andreas First Responder throughout the state. We provide a soft and calm voice to the public when it is needed. The training that we receive as a Dispatcher ensures that we can help every single person in need of a First Responder to the best of our abilities and more.
  • Ranking Structure

    Dispatch Director

    Dispatch Manager

    Dispatch Supervisor

    Senior Operator

    Operator III

    Operator II

    Operator I


  • Opportunity's

    The Dispatch department gives every member a opportunity to grow and excel at their job giving them more possibilities in the future in the community and the Dispatch Department.