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Welcome To Mountainside Roleplay!

All Applications Currently Open! Apply Under Open Applications

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    What is it?

    • The Explorer Program at Mountainside Roleplay is a special program that allows those who are younger and interested in the community a chance to be apart of it!

    • This program takes the Explorers on ride alongs with community supervisors and administrators. They also will get to be apart of special community events, and are able to learn the various functions of daily operation of the department and community for a future member position.


    The Perks

    • After Explorers have spent a well amount of time in the community and program and have shown an exceptional amount of progress, activity, leadership skills, and basic skills in game, Explorers may have a chance at becoming a full member of the community and full time LEO.


    How Do I Join?

    • Explorer Applicants will need to fill out the “Explorer Program Application” on our communities website. Upon approval of the program’s application, applicants will complete a voice interview. If applicants are approved from this point they will become a Explorer for Mountainside RP.

    • Available Slots are Limited and applications open the first week of every month.

    • Please ensure you read and meet all of the Programs Requirements before applying.



    Current Application Status: CLOSED

    Next Application Opportunity: April 1st- 8th