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    How do I join the community?

    • Before you can join us, be sure you meet all of the Community Requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, do not apply, your application will be automatically denied.

    • Ensure you have an account on the site as this is required in order to apply.

    • If you meet the community requirements, submit a Community Recruitment Application under Open Applications.

    • Give your best effort and detail into your application, every question is looked at by our recruitment team. Lack of effort or no detail will result in denial.

    • After your application is submitted, check back on the site often to view your application status. Your application as well as your reply will be found on the Community Recruitment Applications Forum. Again, please check this often as action is required if your approved, failure to respond to your application will result in denial.


    How do the departments work?

    • We offer three departments at MSRP, Law Enforcement, Civilian and Dispatch.

    • Law Enforcement is divided up into three departments, LSPD, BCSO and SAHP. Members of Law Enforcement are able to patrol as any department at any time they would like to. Also using any vehicle they would like to as we do not have vehicle structures.

    • Civilians are encouraged to create creative, realistic and unique scenarios. To do this we offer a very relaxed vehicle, weapon and scenario structure as we do not want to put limits on Civilian’s creativity.

    • Dispatchers are an essential part of the community holding together units out on the streets and keeping the peace. Dispatch offers a very fun, challenging yet rewarding task to you when out on patrol.


    Am I able to record and stream patrols?

    • Yes! At MSRP we do not put any restriction on creativity, including expressing yourself in your content on your platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.


    Am I able to patrol as multiple departments? Like LEO and CIV?

    • Of course! We offer a program knows as “part time” which allows members to apply to our other departments as “part time” allowing them to patrol as other departments.


    Does LEO Offer Sub Divisions?

    • Yes, The Law Enforcement Department offers a number of specialty units to members of certain ranks, such as Accident Investigation Team, Air Support Unit, SWAT, Alcohol and Narcotics Enforcement, Gang-Vice Crime Unit, Bicycle Patrol Division, Canine Division and many more.


    Can I apply if I don’t meet ___ requirement?

    • No, please refrain from applying to the community if you do not meet all of the Community Requirements as your application will be automatically denied.


    Can I be apart of another community while in MSRP?

    • At MSRP we do not have a no-dual-clanning policy, therefore you are able to be apart of other communities while in MSRP. However you may not hold any Supervisor or Chain of Command positions in MSRP if you are dual clanning.

    • You also must remain active in MSRP if your apart of other communities, if you are constantly on other servers or not active in MSRP you will be removed from the community.


    Can I apply if I won’t be available or active for a while?

    • No, please refrain from applying if you are not able to maintain activity in the community.


    Do you get kicked from the community if you are not active?

    • Yes, you will be removed from inactivity if you are not on LOA and inactive more more than twenty days.

    • Inactivity including but not limited to attending training's, meetings, patrols, etc.

    • You will also be kicked after one week from the interview server if you do not make an effort to attend a voice interview.